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Youth Ambassador Program

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Act To Change’s Youth Ambassadors Program (YAP) in partnership with The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) aims to empower and engage Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) youth to effectively combat bullying in their communities through meaningful conversations and engagement with faculty and school administrators.

YAP offers aspiring AAPI youth community leaders the unique chance to collaborate with influential AAPI leaders and advocates from across the nation. Through networking and mentorship opportunities, participants are paired with experienced mentors, such as educators, leaders, and activists, who share similar field interests. This mentorship aspect provides valuable guidance and support to the Ambassadors as they take on their roles as change agents in their communities.

One of the key components of the program is the Community Action Project, where Ambassadors lead initiatives to address and mitigate bullying in their local environments. These projects are designed to have a positive and lasting impact on their schools and communities. Additionally, YAP encourages Ambassadors to reflect on their experiences and share insights with fellow members through regular local cohort sessions and subject matter panel discussions. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of camaraderie and collective learning among participants.

By equipping AAPI youth with the necessary resources and tools, Act To Change’s YAP strives to create a more inclusive and empathetic society where bullying is actively confronted and eliminated. Together with the support of The Asian American Foundation, the program works towards nurturing a new generation of confident, compassionate leaders who can drive positive change and promote respect and understanding within the AAPI community and beyond.

Application deadline: February 23, 2024
Time commitment: approximately 4 hours per week; 2 hour cohort sessions and 2 hours time commitment to working on Community Action Project

We welcome applications from youth who meet the following criteria:

  • Of Asian or Pacific Islander descent
  • Currently enrolled in a U.S. high school
  • Demonstrate experience in or the potential for leadership.
  • Express a strong commitment to addressing and dismantling oppressive systems in schools, communities, and society to foster a more just and equitable world for themselves and their peers.
  • Show a genuine willingness to engage in authentic conversations with other cohort members, learning about intersectionality, racism, and various forms of oppression, with the aim of becoming advocates for themselves and their peers.

Youth Ambassador Mentor

Become a mentor to middle and high school students in Act To Change’s Youth Ambassador Program. YAP provides these young people with the opportunity to collaborate with AAPI leaders and advocates, conduct a Community Action Project, and reflect on their experiences through cohort sessions and panel discussions.

During weekly/bi-weekly mentoring sessions, volunteers can help students explore who they are and develop confidence in their identity through exploring areas such as Maintaining Focus and Assessing Priorities, Setting Goals, College Readiness, Networking, and Career Exploration. Mentors work on an individual basis. Volunteers should be prepared to meet with mentees at least twice a month.

Community Action Project Partner

We are looking for Community Action Project (CAP) Partners for our 2023 Fall YAP cohort. Our CAPs pair groups of our Youth Ambassadors (YAs) with organizations and field advisors to create deliverables that build leadership within the AAPI youth community. This will be a remote partnership at no cost to the partnering organization.

Our CAP partners are expected to commit to the following:

  • Select 1-2 CAP advisors with subject-matter expertise on topic covered by CAP group
  • Regular email correspondence between CAP groups and advisors
  • Complete evaluation to critique deliverable quality, YA engagement, and coordination of the program
  • Advisors meet with CAP groups virtually to record progress and check-ins

Email us at if your organization is interested to join us as a CAP Partner.