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What We Do

Act To Change leads educational programming for K-12 youth, resource support for educators and caregivers, and coalition building with advocacy organizations to impact policy. Our work falls into four main areas: Programming, Curriculum, Policy and Data.

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  • Programming
    • Commemorating National AAPI Day Against Bullying and Hate annually on May 18, rallying jurisdictions and organizations to speak up against bullying
    • Hosting the Changemakers Summit: Annual Anti-Bullying Youth Conference to mark National Bullying Prevention Month
    • Launched Covid Convos, a dialogue series against Coronavirus-related racism
    • Key engagements with national leaders including FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden, Tan France, Lisa Ling, Jeremy Lin, Daniel Dae Kim, Padma Lakshmi, Kal Penn, and more
  • Policy
    • Involvement in groups like the Hate Crimes Coalition to directly influence policies that help to address bullying, hate and racism
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