Homeroom Anti-Bullying Workshop

Act to Change has partnered with designer, TV personality,
and author Tan France to host a series of anti-bullying
workshops for youth in middle and high schools across the
United States. Outlined below is a structure that can be used with students
to facilitate discussion around bullying in schools and how
they envision change to create sustainable anti-bullying and
inclusive environments on their campuses.
The script was created to be delivered within a 1-hour block
of time, but can be broken up into separate sections
delivered independently for more in-depth conversation, such
as a series of discussions over an extended time period.

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The Racism is a Virus Toolkit

The following toolkit below is one of two projects done in collaboration with the 2020 Conference on Asian
Pacific American Leadership (CAPAL) scholars and interns cohort. The Community Action
Project (CAP) aims to give back and address issues facing the AANHPI community. This
graphic-style toolkit was created to complement the social media campaign to address the rise
of racism and xenophobia in the face of COVID-19. It also provides concrete resources for
AANHPI youth and a starting point for organizing within their communities.
This toolkit was created by CAPAL interns Carolyne Im, Komal Kamdar, and Kathleen Mallari.



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Stop AAPI Hate Youth Curriculum

Young, Proud, and Sung-jee

This is a children’s book on fighting anti-Asian racism during COVID-19. The purpose of this book is to provide an educational resource to help generate meaningful discussions between adults and children about anti-Asian racism. An incident involving anti-Asian racism is directly introduced in the story. Additional resources for parents and caregivers, as well as a list of child-friendly definitions of some “big word” are provided at the end of the book.

Know Your Classmates

Know Your Classmates is a curriculum, a campaign and a national awareness day designed to create and nurture healthy and open relationships among classmates, particularly focused on middle grades, from the moment school starts in the fall.

AAPI Hate Crimes Infographic

As part of our Youth Ambassador Program, Act To Change’s youth ambassadors Jia, Elizabeth, Vishal, Matthew created the following infographic to raise awareness for bullying and AAPI data.