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Have you experienced bullying at school in the past year? Do you wish anti-bullying policies at your school were better enforced? Do you think students and teachers at your school should be having more meaningful conversations around bullying and racism? If so, nominate your school to have an exclusive virtual conversation with Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) influencers from across the country! If your school is selected, an AAPI leader will lead a workshop on how to create a safer and more inclusive school environment.

If chosen, schools will be able to have 7 students and 1 faculty member (chosen by school leadership) on the virtual visit with the pre-selected leader, based on availability. Finalists will be provided with resources and recommendations to help combat bullying on campus.

Homeroom Fall 2023 – Apply Below!

The nominated school must meet the following criteria:

  • The nominated school must be a 6th-12th grade school.
  • The nominated school must be located in the U.S.
  • A faculty member or school administrator must have given permission for their contact details to be shared and is aware of the nomination form.
  • The nominated school agrees to take the Act To Change pledge to combat bullying and encourage its students to do so as well.
  • The nominated school agrees to sign on Act To Change’s annual Day Against Bullying and Hate on May 18.
  • The nominated school agrees to hold an anti-bullying assembly (virtual or in-person).
  • The nominated school agrees to take on two or more of the following actions within this school year.
    • Gather BIPOC books from the school library and display it in a public location (virtually or in-person).
    • Include a BIPOC book in its curriculum.
    • Celebrate Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
    • Host a faculty meeting surrounding the question of “What can our school do to prevent bullying and racism?”

I hereby certify that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a false statement may disqualify my school and me from the nomination process (please type in your full name here, to be treated as an electronic signature):