Change starts with us and our families.

Racism is a difficult issue to discuss, especially with our parents. Many AAPI youth are taught by our parents to stay low, keep our heads down, and not cause any trouble.

Immigrant parents faced a different set of struggles, and they focused mostly on survival and fitting into the society. But as woke and active AAPI youth, we know that fitting into the norm is not the goal anymore. We must be loud, appreciate our differences, shine in our own unique ways, and become advocates against racism within our own communities.

This year, we are honored to partner with the Leadership Conference Education Fund’s “Black Justice is Our Justice” campaign to launch a two-part workshop series entitled #LeadershipConvos, focused on what it means to be a leader within our own families to combat anti-blackness and racism. Anti-blackness is at the center of bigotry and xenophobia in America today.  Fighting all forms of bigotry in this country demands that we combat anti-blackness and reckon with our ongoing legacy of white supremacy. Black Justice is Our Justice. Black Justice is Immigrant Justice. Black Justice is Asian American Justice. On January 23rd, we embark on #LeadershipConvosPart 1.

In the hour long workshop, youth leaders will share their experiences and tips on how to talk to parents and loved ones about anti-blackness and racism. In February, #LeadershipConvosPart 2 will be a complimentary conversation with AAPI parents and caregivers on discussing anti-blackness and Black History Month with their children.

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