Addressing the Atlanta violence

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Addressing the Atlanta violence

We’re sickened, crushed, and devastated by the violence in the Atlanta-area spas yesterday that left eight people dead. The fact that six of the eight victims were Asian American women is particularly painful in the context of the rise in anti-Asian xenophobia, hate crimes, and attacks that have surged since the beginning of the pandemic.

Data from Stop AAPI Hate revealed a disproportionate number of anti-Asian incidents in the last year were directed to women. Of the near 3,800 incidents, 68% were reported by women compared to 29% by men. We cannot ignore the ways in which those most impacted by racism are those who also experience oppression at the intersection of other lived experiences and identities. Liberation for women, elders, sex workers, low-wage professionals, undocumented Asians, and so many other marginalized Asians is at the heart of what dismantling white supremacy looks like.

We don’t know everything yet, and there will be more to discuss and process, but we know enough to say this: systemic problems require systemic solutions, and we’re committed to following the lead of those most experienced in driving systemic change. During these dark and painful times, please check in on each other. Stay vigilant. Extend compassion and grace, and offer what you can without expecting a response. Practice both self-care and community-care. Remember to breathe, and know that you are loved, beautiful, and powerful beyond measure. Let’s help our community and ourselves heal together.

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