Act To Change Stands In Solidarity With Black Communities

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Act To Change Stands In Solidarity With Black Communities

POSTED MAY 30, 2020

Act To Change Stands In Solidarity With Black Communities

With the recent police murder of George Floyd, the militarized response to local demonstrations, and the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others, Act To Change firmly demands justice for the innocent Black lives lost — and an end to the systemic racism, violence, and hate that have plagued our country for far too long.

Actor, author, and Act To Change co-founder Maulik Pancholy offers this statement, “All people deserve to live free of violence, and at Act To Change, we know that racism and inequities are deeply embedded in our society. We call on all AAPI communities to stand firmly with Black people in our shared fight to end systemic racism and violence against people of color.”

Pancholy further adds, “Our communities share the pain of racism and xenophobia, yet we recognize Black communities have been dehumanized in this country in unparalleled ways. Injustice in one community affects us all. Together, we must speak out, stand in solidarity, and create a world where every person and every young person can feel safe and proud of who they are.”

Act To Change calls on the Asian American and Pacific Islander community to stand in solidarity with the Black community and the movement for Black lives. Bullying and intolerance of the AAPI community is rooted in a larger system that affects all of us. We must stand together and dismantle this system of injustice that has allowed for inhumane acts, including murder, to continue by those who abuse their power. We demand justice.

We commit to our fight to end hate and urge you to join us.

To join in solidarity with AAPI Minnesotan organizations, visit here.

Raise your voices on social media. Use the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter and #Asians4BlackLives.